Plascon saves with dense warehousing from APC Storage Solutions SA

When the South African paint manufacturer, Plascon, needed to lower costs associated with storing raw materials and packaging off-site, APC Storage Solutions SA, the front-running warehouse solutions provider in Africa, designed and built them South Africa’s highest density pallet warehouse, and the world’s largest non-automated self-supported warehouse to house materials on site.

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“By opting for the self-supported warehouse concept – where the actual racking installation supports the building’s exterior, lighting and other rigging – Plascon was able to save 30% of its warehouse procurement budget by not using standard civil construction methods. Furthermore, having raw materials on site has reduced transport costs, as well as expenses associated with additional, off-site storage facilities,” says Fred Albrecht, Managing Director, APC Storage Solutions SA. 

Reaching up 23m, the warehouse had to be built on only  1 310m2 at Plascon’s Luipaardsvlei manufacturing facility in Krugersdorp to facilitate the easy storage, retrieval and order preparation for over 2 300 specialised pallets.

With the new warehouse configuration, raw materials, such as pigments, solvents and other additives, are stored inside the self-supported warehouse upon arrival at the facility. When the factory requires certain ingredients, a turret truck picks and moves pallets to the live storage section. The live storage racking system gradually feeds raw materials into the manufacturing plant: pallets are picked at the production plant-facing end of the roller conveyor system, and pallets are re-stocked at the warehouse-facing end.

“We also supplied a live pallet racking system – where items are fed in one end, accumulated, and then picked at the other,” says Albrecht. This makes up the interface between the warehouse and production plant, and helps with order preparation and stock rotation. It also helps prevent warehouse staff and production plant staff from moving freely between the warehouse and production plant, improving general stock control.

APC Storage Solutions SA has further completed the design of a second phase warehouse installation that will house final paint products in a fully-automated warehouse.

“A maintenance agreement between APC Storage Solutions SA and Plascon recommends a bi-annual warehouse inspection as per SEMA, FEM and EN regulations as a free service,” concludes Albrecht. This helps warehouse owners detect any structural, layout or operational problems which APC Storage Solutions SA can address – keeping warehouses running in ideal conditions.

APC Storage Solutions SA is the market leader with the Spanish Mecalux as technology partner. A supplier of world-class products and integrated logistical storage solutions and services, APC Storage Solutions SA is focused on the core values Quality, Experience, Safety, and Technology – QUEST. APC Storage Solutions SA has FEM (European Federation of Material Handling Equipment), SEMA UK (Storage Equipment Manufacturing Association) and RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute of America) accreditation, along with accreditation from 14 other federations and associations

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