Party season pay-offs!

It’s silly season, and your calendar is already populated with a million business and personal social celebrations. Here are a few tips to nurture your body through the mayhem.

At no other time, will your liver be more stretched to its limits than during the upcoming holiday and New Year celebrations. Operating as your inbuilt detox machine, the liver is the organ responsible for identifying and processing what the body deems as toxic and then processing it for elimination via the kidneys and bowel.  

Alcohol is one of the most toxic substances for your body. When consumed in excess over extended periods of time it can lead to liver disease, brain damage, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. But binge drinking can be as lethal, overloading your liver to a point that it is unable to process toxins adequately, leading to cell damage, premature ageing, weight gain, fluid retention, cellulite and a repressed immune system. 

Beer and wine contain yeast as well as preservatives such as 220 – sulphur dioxide used in white wine, which many people are allergic or intolerant to, often without even realising it. These chemicals can trigger sinus, hay fever, headaches, irritable bowel and even skin reactions.

Dehyration is one of the major causes of a hangover. Start supplementing with essential electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium. For every drink you consume, accompany it with a glass of water and never drink on an empty stomach.

Before the party, take a dose of Hangova or Liver Tonic to protect and lessen the stress to your organs.

Alcohol suppresses your neuro-transmitters (brain hormones) such as serotonin, which can leave you feeling flat. Boost your energy and regulate your nervous system with a good B vitamin complex.

If you are a drinker and a smoker, take a daily dose of 1000mg Vitamin C, which is depleted in the body, and avoid any contagious lurgies doing the rounds.

Stick to one type of drink, mixing alcohols wreaks havoc with your body losing its ability to know its limit – you at least want to remember the evening afterwards. Flavoured and pre-mixed alcohol drinks contain the most toxins, try acquiring a taste for something simple like vodka, lime and soda.

Following a drinking bout, use Chlorella, a sea algae which works as an effective detox remedy to remove toxic substances from the body. 

If you a fatigued from week long partying, yet still need to focus in the boardroom, keep a bottle of Bioplus, for mental and physical vitality.  

The most important point of all for your health and others, is don’t drink and drive. Once you have consumed your limit, switch to something soft like Appletiser or alcohol-free beer – you will still be able to enjoy the party without running into risky situations. 

Finally, it pays to be prepared too. Make sure you are subscribed to chauffeur services such as GoodFella’s ( or Toot-n-Scoot ( and ensure your festive season remains just that… festive and fun for all. 

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