Paperless office payback in 18 months

A new study on the paperless office was released to coincide with World Paper Free Day 2015.

In case you missed it, World Paper Free Day – organised by information management professionals trade association AIIM – took place on Friday 6 November. At the same time, AIIM released a new study called Paper-Free Progress: measuring outcomes that details trends in document management and document workflows.

AIIM says that the benefits of digitising content and reducing paper use in the workplace are gaining traction: of business executives surveyed for the report, 84% saw payback from their paper-free projects within 18 months, with 26% doing so in less than six months.

“Slowly but surely, organisations are coming round to the idea that digitising much of the content and information flowing through their business can have both financial and operational benefits,” says AIIM president, John Mancini.

“We are never going to eliminate paper completely, but when it becomes clear that going paper-free delivers return on investment and can improve overall productivity, businesses will be more willing to invest in the technologies that allow them to go paper-free.”

Other key findings in the AIIM report include:

Paper usage was decreasing in 49% of companies surveyed, and increasing in 20%.
The biggest benefits from going paper-free were being able to give a faster response to customers, better compliance and increased productivity.
80% of respondents agree that paper content and processes are a huge impediment to remote access and teleworking.
31% admitted that their desk is still “piled high” with paper.
A lack of management initiatives and staff preferences (both 49%) were the two main reasons as to why there is still so much paper around, while 39% feel there is a general lack of understanding of paper-free options.
“Despite the progress seen in this year’s research, paper is still being used unnecessarily in millions of offices all over the world,” added Mancini.

“Doing so means processes are slowed and untold harm continues to be done to the environment. Reducing paper is achievable for any organisation, and at AIIM we will continue to educate on how businesses can best capture, manage and store information digitally.”

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