Packaging as part of the marketing mix

Anyone involved in marketing, and many who are not, will be familiar with the term “marketing mix”, a business tool often associated with the traditional “Four P’” formula – product, price, promotion and place – that is used to continually evaluate business activities and help marketers to ensure that brands are on track and achieving the maximum results possible.

More recently, packaging was added to the formula as the fifth P, followed by – positioning and people – bringing the magic number to seven. In the B2B space, some marketers go even further, adding process and physical evidence to their ongoing analysis.

Covering many of the Ps in the marketing mix, Pyrotec PackMedia offers an array of functional, effective and attractive products that assist manufacturers and marketers to achieve results for their brands.

Surveys conducted by Fix-a-Form International reveal that as many as 70% of purchasing decisions are made in store, and that one of the top ten reasons influencing these decisions is the appearance of a product and, therefore, its packaging.

While each of these Ps is important for a brand’s success, packaging has the capacity to enhance the effectiveness of many of the other elements in the mix, including:

Product – Packaging provides a communication platform or advertising real estate to talk to consumers about why a product is superior, its intrinsic benefits, and points of difference.

Price – Packaging allows brands to create a perception about a product’s worth and acts as a basis to alter its pricing accordingly. Packaging innovation or value-adds can also increase the perceived product value.

Place – Through innovation, the possibilities of place can be altered. The introduction of sachet and pouch packaging formats allow products to transcend spaces, such as store aisles, to new spaces that include kiosks, counters or near tills.

Promotion – Packaging is one of the essential mediums for communicating promotions in a space that matters the most, in store. While above-the-line marketing can raise awareness about promotions and drive people to the store, packaging is the final cog in marketing’s collateral that converts awareness into sales. Adding an on-pack device, such as Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form promotional booklet labels, ElastiTag, or Do-It Hang Tabs, ensures products stand out in the minds of consumers and is a guaranteed way to increase sales.

It is clear that packaging has an important role to play in a brand’s marketing mix. While packaging protects products and makes them easy to transport and use by consumers, it also helps to promote and sell products by making them eye catching, providing information for savvy shoppers and, importantly, promoting the brand’s image.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s products are the perfect marketing tool for getting products noticed in crowded retail environments. Whether using a booklet, foldout or pull out Fix-a-Form label to provide information, ElastiTag to enhance brand awareness or to promote a product, or Do-It Hang Tabs to perfectly position products, Pyrotec PackMedia has the solution for driving purchases in-store.

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