OfficeMax unveils small business service centres

As the digitisation of the office threatens to limit the future growth opportunities of certain “old economy” product categories we should all  be on the lookout for  “new economy”possibilities.

In this regard, OfficeMax has brought its in-store services together in a new, dedicated Services Center area.

The OfficeMax Services Center offers a portfolio of more than 40 services designed to relieve administrative burden and assist small businesses with critical needs. The services provided include web design and maintenance, 24/7 on-call tech support, printing and document management, marketing materials, shipping, credit card and payroll processing, human resource services, cloud storage solutions and legal assistance.

“Business owners spend a lot of time conducting support work that, while critical, takes them away from working with their customers and growing their business,” noted OfficeMax Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Kim Feil.

“They want to refocus their time building their businesses, and they want reliable partners who will address their specific needs. Our new OfficeMax Services Center builds on services we have always provided to give business owners a complete range of essential support.”

OfficeMax President of Retail Michael Lewis called the new Services Center an expansion of the reseller’s “services evolution” and said that store staff would be “working in partnership” with customers to assess their specific needs and to personalise and bundle services.

As it announced the Services Center concept, OfficeMax also revealed the results of its latest small business survey, saying that the 23 million small business owners in the US lose more than four billion hours every year carrying out business operations and administrative tasks.

More than half of the participants in the OfficeMax Small Business Efficiency Index also felt that their current service vendors do not understand their business and specific needs.

To what extent do you think big boxes like OfficeMax can be competitive in the small business services space?

By Andy Braithwaite

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