Office resellers still need to evolve and expand their product lines


Office resellers still need to evolve and expand their product lines, argues Spicers CEO Alan Ball.

It’s quite amazing when you look at businesses today that started life in a completely different guise. Change or die has been a theme for this industry, yet many in the trade still maintain that holding onto those historic values will see them through the next decade.

It won’t.

Over in Las Vegas this week is the CES technology show, and it has been suggested that in the next decade a mobile phone – be it smart or not – will be a declining product. The view is that the up-and-coming technological breakthrough will be the phone watch, a device with everything a phone has but with much less chance of you losing it and with the ability to link so many more things we need and use.

I remember in the 1970s when we were ill that the orange cellophane-wrapped Lucozade bottle would come out to settle us down and make us feel a whole lot better. Today, Lucozade is the leading sports brand of soft drink.

And anyone who has attended an OPI event and listened to Jeff Hayzlett will know that Kodak – which started life in film and cameras – evolved into the first producer of the digital camera.

So what has all this to do with our industry? Why and how can we take these experiences and use them to our advantage?

Take a leaf out of the new online players and the ones that know offering an infinite number of lines to sell is the way forward. Staples is looking for one million lines, Shoplet is already selling over 300,000 and the contract stationers, which only stock maybe 6,000 lines, will sell anything the client wants by sourcing the product and making a margin for convenience.

Join the revolution and evolve your business today. Smart businesses don’t immediately tie up working capital in stocking these new line opportunities; they simply utilise the stock available from specialist distributors or wholesalers and have the product delivered.

Offering the extended range beyond traditional – and declining – office products is the start of the process to evolve your business into a more flexible and profitable enterprise.

I guarantee that if you try it, you will generate a minimum of £15,000 ($25,000) over the next six months. And if you really take the initiative, this extended offering will develop your business and make you future-proof – at least until the next technological revolution!

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