Office chairs will ‘park’ themselves

We’re all for technological advancement, but self-arranging office furniture may well be taking things too far. Let’s put that argument to the side and step into Nissan’s world to imagine, just for one second, how simple might life be if you could, say, stand up from your desk right now and not even have to worry about pushing in your chair?

Nissan’s Intelligent Parking Chair is “inspired by” the company’s self-parking technology. Just as some of the its cars can steer themselves into a desired parking spot, so too can its chairs neatly slide into their designated positions at the board room table thanks to sets of powered wheels housed inside a circular base.

The layout of the room is pre-programmed into the system, with each chair assigned a spot at the table. When prompted, which according to the video below seems to involve only a clap of the hands, motion detecting cameras in each corner of the room identify the location of each chair and the software then guides them back to their original position.

While it makes for a quirky promo, there’s no talk of actually making such furniture available, and that’s probably for the best. Our mothers would be ashamed.

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