No car licence renewal notices for motorists

The annual renewal notice reminding South African motorists to renew their car licence disc may fall through for 2016, according to The Power Report in the Sunday Times.

The report states that motorists are “now on their own” this year, after the 20-year-old notification system has faltered.

The licence notifications include relevant registration and VIN numbers of a driver’s vehicle, but have failed to be sent to motorists this year due to the Department of Transport not paying their SA Post Office bill.

“While the Department of Transport concludes a payment regime of outstanding fees, notices won’t be sent,” stated the report.

The Power Report asked the department when the matter will be settled, but it did not reply to questions on the issue.

The department advised drivers to “continuously monitor disc expiry dates and use the provisions of the 21-day grace period to make their annual payments”.

Where to go, and what you need

Car licences can be renewed at licensing offices, municipal centres, and designated post offices.

Motorists will need an application form for the licensing of a motor vehicle (available at a post office or licence office), proof of address, and ID.


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