GPS Tracking Solutions, part of the Eqstra Group of Companies,  has introduced a tracking unit which offers fleet operators unique features to help control soaring fuel costs,  minimise vehicle wear and tear, improve driver behaviour, control fuel theft and to track and manage fleet vehicles in real time.

The unit is the only one in the world which offers speed governing in speed zones.  Speeding is widely recognised as the biggest contributor to accidents and fuel inefficiency and also leads to faster tyre erosion and engine deterioration.   The GPS unit can cap the speed on any chosen vehicle in a fleet.  Should the vehicle exceed the speed limit, a buzzer sounds,  warning the driver of the transgression.  If the driver fails to reduce the speed within a five second time limit, the speed capping technology prevents further acceleration and the vehicle will slowly return to the allowed speed limit at which time full power will be restored.

The unit is also the only one which uses biometrics (finger print identification) to control vehicle useage.  The vehicle will not start unless an authorised driver is identified.   This ensures that a vehicle cannot be driven by any driver whose licence has expired or who does not have the correct licence type for that category of vehicle.  It also allows the fleet manager to manage fine allocation more efficiently.

Fuel saving is guaranteed by an excessive idling shut-down feature.  Three settings of 3, 5 or 10 minutes are available after which the engine will shutdown.  To ensure that driver behaviour improves over time, an SMS is sent to the driver informing him of his transgression and that the situation is being monitored.   It is also possible to programme the unit to switch off the engine in the event of overheating or a drop in oil pressure.  Once the situation returns to normal, it is possible to reset the unit over the air, eliminating the need to send mechanics to the vehicle.

To assist fleet managers to control fuel theft, a virtual fuel gauge measures the fuel level in the fuel tank and any unusual increases or decreases and can be accessed by an exception report or on a live basis.             

In addition, the GPS unit has the ability to link up with a Garmin unit.   This gives the fleet manager the ability to schedule drivers in advance and to send drivers on the most economical routes.   It also allows the fleet manager and driver to communicate with each other directly with text through the Garmin and Web IQ software. 

To further assist fleet managers to  control their fleets more efficiently, a built in bureau service sends out notifications and reports via email and SMS on an agreed upon schedule.

“The unit and its associated software has been designed and built in South Africa to meet South African conditions,” said Mr Graeme Steyn, managing director of GPS Tracking Solutions.  “It allows us to save our clients more than 40% of administration time and to view and intervene in real time, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.”

For further information, please contact Mr Steyn at 011 458 7555, email

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