New opportunities with digital signage during Covid-19

In a recent webinar held by Africa Print, CEOs from both the printing and signage industries shared their views on how the current Covid-19 crisis will affect the industry.

The webinar was moderated by Dyelan Copeland, Publisher of Sign Africa, and the online panel included: Rob Makinson, Midcomp; Raymond Waldeck, Kalideck; Bob Glenister, Roland; and Wessel van der Merwe, Maizey.

When asked whether customers priorities on visual communication output will change, the panellists answered:
“There are always changes in the market – just adapt to the change and investigate what customers want,” said Glenister.

“The promo space will be busy, so we must think of the way forward, and determine between the ‘nice to have’ and the ‘have to have’. Some markets will recover quicker than others,” said Van der Merwe.

“We have currently seen a shift from traditional advertising to awareness advertising, there are now lots of opportunities that you would never have seen before – certain budgets will need to be modified,” said Makinson.

“Runs will be shorter, and more specific,” said Waldeck.

Glenister emphasised on the importance of looking for opportunities, especially those of branding. “Everyone can get involved – get out there and say ‘how can I help you?’”

Waldeck added that companies must focus on remaining relevant, while Makinson said businesses should step outside their comfort zones and think outside the box.
“You will be successful in the long run, because success won’t just come to you while you sit back and relax,” said Makinson.

The four panellists offered the following advice moving forward:

“Change is a part of life, although it’s not always anticipated. People can share ideas, present them virtually and turn these ideas into reality, not too much needs to change,” said Van der Merwe.

“Be positive, ask how you can be essential, and look at ways you can help the less advantaged. COVID-19 didn’t just create change, there has always been change,” said Glenister.

Waldeck echoed Glenister in saying, “The only constant is change. To remain constant, you must change.”

“So much can be done remotely. We’ve learned that people don’t have to come to our offices (in order to conduct business),” said Makinson.


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