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With the cost of electricity rising and more and more consumers becoming aware of the need to conserve energy – both for environmental reasons as well as cost factors, economical heating solutions have become essential.
While some heaters may be more energy efficient than others, most heater designs are based on functional considerations and tend to offer little aesthetic appeal and placement practicality meaning they often end up hidden in a corner or out of sight.

DēLonghi believes there is no reason why heaters cannot combine economical and practical heating options with aesthetics. In line with its mission to offer consumers innovative home appliances with a distinctive combination of style and performance, DēLonghi has developed the new Slim Style heater – the hottest innovation in convector heaters.

Says Chantelle I’Ons, marketing manager at DēLonghi: “The Slim Style heaters are sleek and chic, designed with the
ultimate functionality and timeless elegance that DēLonghi is known for. With a depth of only 7,5cm, enhanced by clean lines and contemporary shapes, the Slim Style heater will add elegance to any room. As it has the option of being wall mounted, the Slim Style heater can also be kept neatly out of the way.”

The patented hi-fi technology generates better heat distribution quickly and silently. According to I’Ons, the double fan system increases the performance of the convector, providing immediate and rapid heating throughout the entire room.

With three different power settings and a maximum heating power of 2 000 Watt, the convector is available in two different models: the HCX3220FTS and the HCX9120E. The premium HCX3220FTS has the exclusive ECO function which allows energy consumption to be optimised and guarantees the correct level of comfort.

A simple button on the LED display activates the automatic regulation of power flow and temperature level. The HCX9120E features a 24-hour timer, which easily programmes the thermostat to automatically set and keep the desired room temperature.

“The Slim Style with hi-fi technology embodies performance, functionality and quality. No detail has been omitted when designing, what is without question, the most elegant of all convection heaters. The harmony and symmetry that this heater generates can only bring warmth, style and comfort into any room this winter,” I’Ons concludes.

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