Netcare to treat state Covid-19 patients

By Kevin Brandt for EWN

Private hospital group Netcare will treat state patients diagnosed with COVID-19 at its healthcare facilities.

These patients, the hospital group said, would be pre-authorised on a case-by-case-basis.

Netcare Group CEO, Dr Richard Friedland, said they were committed to assisting government in containing the spread of the pandemic.

“We will treat public patients who are suffering from COVID-19 on a cost-recovery basis, in other words, not making any profit whatsoever.”

Friedland said they had to date spent R150 million to enhance their facilities’ readiness to treat COVID-19 cases.

“Purchasing ventilators, special UV light robots to disinfect our wards, special filtration filters and a whole myriad of equipment to make sure that we’re able to treat these patients but most importantly to ensure that our healthcare workers, our nurses and our doctors are kept safe.”

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