Multi-lingual requirements: Bridging the language barrier with on-pack innovation

With the channels of trade all interconnected in our modern world, South African pharmaceutical companies are able to simply and speedily distribute their products all across the globe. While this is extremely advantageous in terms of sales, supplying goods to a number of different countries can become increasingly complicated as each country has different rules and requirements that manufacturers need to adhere to when exporting goods to that particular country. And with this also comes the need of a proper translatiion service, like the one at, which provides the best services across an agglomeration of languages.

Timothy Beattie is the General Manager of PyrotecPackMedia, a brand within Pyrotec that specialises in innovative on-pack solutions. Beattie believes that one of the most challenging packaging issues faced by pharmaceutical companies is the need to abide by varying regulations for different countries. “Recent research conducted at the 2nd Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling Compliance Conference in Rome revealed that this is a major frustration within the pharmaceutical industry. This is compounded by the need to use text in different languages, which many believed to be the most critical element in the packaging and labelling process.”

When distributing to other countries, user-instructions, hazard warnings and application guidelines need to be included in a number of local languages- which often leads to challenges in terms of labelling. Manufacturers struggle to include the compulsory information in the limited space provided on a traditional label, which needs to fit a small pharmaceutical bottle or box.

One option for manufacturers faced with this challenge is Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® leaflet- label. These occupy the area of a standard label but provide additional space to include dosage instructions, warnings and indications in multiple languages, as stipulated by legislation internationally.

Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels also offer many advantages in terms of cost-savings. The leaflet-label allows for the inclusion of extended content, thereby eliminating the need for excess packaging. It also has the added benefit of minimising the risk of misplacing essential instructions. “All languages can be combined with equal weight into a single expanded content label, creating a one-pack solution for distribution to several markets and streamlining your inventory by negating the need for country-specific pre-labelled products,” says Beattie.

Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels, produced using state-of-the-art custom machinery, are supplied on-reel so they can be applied as ordinary self-adhesive printed labels using standard label application equipment.  Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels are available in a number of options such as laminated, booklet and cross-fold formats. All are available in re-sealable designs so that it can remain neatly sealed on the container, available for future reference.

“Clear user-instructions and well-designed packaging and labelling enhances the consumers’ experience and increases the chances of a repeat purchase,” concludes Beattie. “Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels make it possible to include necessary information in multiple languages, as per international requirements, without compromising on the aesthetic aspects.”

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