Mobiflock My Child

There are many reasons why children should have access to mobile devices: from allowing their parents to stay in touch to having access to the web for school projects. However with more and more children having access to mobile technology from a young age, the online safety of children is a growing concern in our society, especially amongst parents and teachers. Unacceptable dangers which range from cyber-bullying and sexting to spending too much time and money on their phones, are all realities that need to be monitored.

Mobiflock’s offerings are designed to help parents keep their kids safe on their mobile devices and empower them to educate their children about these digital dangers and how to cope with them.

Mobiflock My Child, is now officially out of beta and addresses key concerns parents have about their child’s safety online by offering a host of easy-to-use features. These include

·Web blocking – to stop your child from accessing pornography and other inappropriate web content.

·Application blocking – to know which applications your child has installed on their mobile device and block or limit their use

·Maps – to locate a missing child or phone, also to see where your child has roamed with their smart device

Mobiflock’s flexible, customisable and easy-to-use service, allow parents to exercise parental control in a tech-savvy and less invasive manner.

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