Message from the Chairman – May 2022

We thought that the situation couldn’t get worse during the pandemic – but none of us would have forecasted that a war between Russia and Ukraine will have such an impact on global business. What seemed to be a “European war” has hit home with increases in fuel and food prices, agricultural products and other imported items.

On top of this, the KZN coastal region has been battered by more torrential rain, leaving the Province devastated. The severity of the April floods has only now been evaluated and we realise that for many businesses this may just mean the end.

We decided to have our own version of Stationery Week from 16 – 22 May – it was interesting to see how many positive stories we can generate in times like this.

shop-sa is also in the process of rebranding and working on bringing members more added benefits – our webinar on cybersecurity was the first of many more interesting events to come. We feel positive about the future of our Association.

June is Youth month and we would like to know about the new faces in the industry – please tell us who your rising stars are. We also want to know more about the expectations the next generation has of our industry.

Times are tough. We can not deny this. But in every crisis there is also opportunity and it is up to us to find those opportunities. Maybe the power supply crisis is the opportunity to push for the sales of pens and journals. Maybe the shortage of proper entertainment is the opportunity to promote reading and stimulate education and literacy levels. Maybe the shortage of paper is time for us to push harder for recycling of waste paper. We need to do whatever is necessary for our industry to keep going!

A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn. ~ Helen Keller

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