Message from the Chairman: March

Dear members

Sitting at home in lockdown may be the most surreal situation many of us have ever been in.  Just two months ago nobody could  have anticipated what was going to happen.

We read and heard about this coronavirus in Wuhan but I, for one, didn’t think it would develop into a global pandemic – and so fast, too.

But here we are – and all we can do is stick to the rules: stay at home; keep your distance; wash your hands; self-isolate if sick; and so on.

Apart from one’s health, the impact on the global economies and closer to home, South Africa, will be devastating.
We at shop-sa can only hope that you’ll find a way for your business to survive – not to mention your employees.
We will try to assist by publishing helpful information and examples from other countries and companies in our industry.
Although nobody knows how long the pandemic will last, we hope that South Africa can “flatten the curve” and contain it, so as to minimise the impact on everyone.
Luckily the Internet and technology in general allows us to stay in touch, meet up with family, friends and colleagues, and run certain aspects of business online.
Covid-19 will, in time, pass – and the global economy will recover.
Until then: keep your sense of humour, and stay safe!
Hans Servas

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