Message from the Chairman: February

I’m writing this before the “lights go out”, which begs the question: how does your business cope, and more importantly, how does load-shedding affect your company?
Unfortunately, in my view, the SONA address didn’t offer much encouragement – not to mention the comedy playing out before the speech!
In our industry the announcement that CNA was sold by Edcon wasn’t really a surprise – and it was long overdue. The fact that the new owners and management (ex Exclusive Books) will reinvent CNA and focus on stationery and books is good news for the industry/suppliers. It seems they’ve looked at Rymans and WH Smith in the UK, who appear to be doing reasonably well there.
We wish the new CNA all the best going forward.
Finally, we hope you took note of the Crime alert about the hijacking of a Faber-Castell shipment. This is the time when we, the industry, must stick together. Anyone can be the next target if the culprits aren’t caught.
Hans Servas

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