Message from the Chairman – December 2020

What a year 2020 has been!

The effects of Covid-19 have wreaked havoc on a personal level – and, of course, on the economies globally.

Our industry was (and is) hard hit, but seems to be surviving – although at huge cost. Not to mention the effect on staff, be it pay cuts and/or retrenchments.

Luckily, we have not heard of any business closures.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over and a second wave is expected.

To avoid further restrictions and to keep the economy going, it is imperative that the country heeds the President’s call to stay vigilant and follow the basic rules, both in businesses and on the home front.

shop-sa will continue to keep you informed via the weekly My Office News and the monthly Trade Newsletter.

Again we appeal to you to support our efforts by utilising the advertising opportunities and paying the small membership fees, for which invoices have been mailed.

Thank you to those who have continued their support. Without you, our funds would have shrunk even faster.

The board wishes you a peaceful and healthy festive season, and what is hopefully a much better 2021!

Hans Servas



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