May is a month of MERMAIDS in the creative world

By Vanessa Bentley

Did you know that the month of May will have many artists drawing, painting or illustrating mermaids? The official Mermay website says the following:
“MerMay is a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all … MERMAIDS.”

Apart from the daily MerMay prompts provided by, you can search for other prompt lists on Instagram by using #mermay or #mermay2022. There are many, so you should find one that suits you.

If creating daily mermaids is a bit much, then look out for shorter prompt lists. Some lists give one to three prompts per week, allowing busy creatives to still partake in this magical challenge.

Although most artists participating in the MerMay challenge work digitally, there are many who work traditionally using standard art materials.

Prompts are what make the challenge fun. The prompt list used to create the mermaids in the image below included prompts like best friend, 1920s, circus, fruit, ice and fairy.

So go out and find a prompt list that inspires you – and start creating your mermaids!

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