Message from the chairman: April

We, the shop-sa board, have had a number of Zoom meetings over the past few weeks, discussing how we can be of some assistance to our industry during these difficult and unprecedented corona times.

Our recent newsflash was extremely well received and read, and we will continue to give you regular updates without adding to the information overload.

As we were in the process of preparing representations to the government to allow for stationery and office products to be manufactured and sold under Level 4, the announcement to include our industry was made.

Today’s newsletter features:

  • Level 4 regulations
  • Safety conditions for return-to-business
  • OPI article: Drakeford assesses COVID-19 impact
  • Details of the R200-billion loan scheme
  • The virus’ lifespan on, and transmission via, paper/board

We hope that the partial return to work will help your business to survive, and save your employees’ jobs.

Please do send us any questions you may have, and we will try and find answers for you!

Remember, none of us are as strong as all of us.

Hans Servas

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