SA Medical & Education Foundation (SAME Foundation) is a NPO based in both the Western Cape and Gauteng. Our sole mission is to create equal Health Care no matter what your station in life.

Our mission is to create an environment where quality health care and education is available to everyone. We do this by supplying the medical services of South Africa with the equipment they vitally need to enhance the treatment they already offer to state patients.

We are committed to helping the citizens of South Africa to equal healthcare no matter what their situation in life. The clinics and hospitals we work with are responsible for the health of over 85% of the population of our country. Poverty and illness is rife and mortality rates are too high.


On the 24th May 2013 we handed over the newly renovated and equipped Neonatal unit at Leratong Hospital and have now moved to the critical Maternity unit. It’s in this unit that our mothers are losing their babies or they are born in a life threatening condition due to both a lack of infrastructure and equipment.

Leratong Maternity Unit had over 8200 births last year, 1552 of these babies landed up in Neonatal either because they were premature or born with life threatening illnesses. The tragedy is that 9% of these babies died. Plenty more are disabled, or have been moved to paediatric wards because of their ages for further treatment. All babies landing in this unit are critically ill and it is paramount that they are diagnosed quickly and thereafter monitored continuously until they are out of danger. Many of these deaths and disabilities could have been prevented had the Maternity Unit had the bed capacity and the equipment to diagnose babies in distress.

To prevent any more unnecessary deaths the SAME Foundation will be renovating and equipping the unit. We plan to change this unit from a 19 bed unit to 36 beds and doubling the labour unit to 6 beds. We will have a properly equipped resuscitation unit for both mother and baby.

This is a R4.5 million project and I need you and your organisation to join us in this (lifesaving) venture. Your donation is tax deductible and the company will get BEE points.

We need the participation of companies and the community to partner with us in making this critical vision possible by either donating to the R4,5 million infrastructure changes and/or to donate to or sponsor equipment.


Critical equipment:

2 x Ultra sound (see baby height, position, age etc) – R92340

2 x Transport incubator (for babies born in distress to get them to Neonatal unit) – R86 298

2 x Defibrillator (start the heart of mother)

3 x Cardiac monitor (monitor the heart of mother)

8 x Cardio toco graph ECG (monitor the heart of the baby) – R18810

12 x Diagnostic sets = R6500 EACH                          

6 x baby scales = R2800 EACH

16 x Baby Cribs = R3200 EACH


We’ve already been provided emergency dental and oral hygiene/care equipment by Wahroonga Dental Group. The administration costs of the Foundation are covered by our VAT returns. All donations are tax deductible and a section 18a receipt will be issued.BEE points will also be earned.Branding is negotiable on donations above R50000.

 E-Mail:   gauteng@samefoundation.org.za

Website:   www.samefoundation.org.za

Telephone:   (011) 781 1510

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