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Through giving back to the community and continued development in all aspects of the trade, Redfern Labels remain at the forefront of the labelling market.

Supplying the whole of South Africa from its base in Cape Town, Redfern Labels manufacture and supply laser labels and label printers primarily to the food and agricultural sector. Service is a way of life for this company and not an afterthought, making quality one of their most important business cornerstones. 

The company focus is to understand their customers’ business and deliver on customer expectations, and they actively encourage customer feedback as it assists in improving systems and products to the benefit of the end-user. 

Where it all began

Redfern Labels has come a long way since its first double bunk-bed warehouse where it started more than 20 years ago. Today the company is divided into various ‘nerve centres’ to cater for all supplier and customer needs and operates from its purpose-built headquarters in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. 

In 1991 David Boolsen, chairperson of Redfern Labels, realised his dream and started Redfern Print Services, supplying labels to the fruit industry. His passion and determination resulted in the sought after Redfern brand of pre-cut, off-the-shelf labels being made available in South Africa and abroad.

Latest achievements

Redfern Labels is continually developing and making strides in the industry over a variety of areas in the business. The company recently re-launched their website: www.redfern.co.za  and is currently in the process of developing a new range of consumer focused packaging for their products made up of six different fluorescent colours.

The company is currently at the forefront of traceability technology in South Africa, with ongoing research development into aspects such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a traceability tool that is smaller than a grain of sand, allowing companies to automatically track inventory throughout an entire supply chain. 

The business model of the Redfern Print Station is undergoing development, offering an exciting franchise system with the capability to serve virtually all printing needs businesses may be faced with. It offers a one-stop label design and print solution, including colour copying, binding, comb binding, saddle stitching, embossing, foil stamping and lamination. The extensive range of products it offers includes customised labels, signs, business cards, brochures, direct mail printing, menus and letterheads. 

Over the years Redfern Labels has also received numerous award nominations including the shop-sa 2005 National Winner Transformed Company of the Year shop-sa 2007 Regional Winner Transformed Company of the Year 2007 and the 2007/8 Redfern Top Empowered Company in Retail and Property – Impumelelo Awards. 

Leaders of the company

Louise Faul, CEO and director of Redfern Labels, has been with the company since she was in high school and recently celebrated 20 years of service.  Louise loves interior decorating and spending time with her husband and two boys, while David is an avid electronic wizard a Western Province rugby supporter, and loves spending quality time with his family. David paid tribute to Louise saying she is always fair, never personal, loyal, compassionate, tenacious and intelligent. He says that she continuously goes the extra mile, taking calls from colleagues, customers and suppliers without ever missing a beat, and always retains her sense of humour. 

Household name products 

Redfern Labels’ locally produced pre-cut A4 self adhesive labels are a household name and used in many industries locally and abroad, including schools and universities. The company also supplies the agricultural industry with customised labels on all exported products, conforming to the strict EAN rules of unique pallet identification.

It has received ISO9001 accreditation, an important quality standard given by the SABS, ensuring the company produces products that are of a consistent, high quality. Employees are trained in ISO procedures, although focusing on their products ensures customer satisfaction, training and appreciation. All stationery products are manufactured in South Africa and packed by local communities providing a valuable source of income. 

People at the heart of it all

Helen Goodson, Chairperson of shop-sa Western Cape says, “Redfern Labels delivers the widest range of ‘off-the-shelf’ stationery and customised labels in Africa and abroad through its dedicated administrative and financial staff, warehouse and logistics department, design studio and a technical sales and marketing department. 

The company has many employees who have been loyal since inception and every employee is a significant link within the company’s operations and strategy.” The warehouse and logistics team are highly experienced, motivated individuals, with the ability to deliver to a third world country with no address, ensuring the company gets their labels to all customers on time, every time and at the right place.  

The design studio is a specialised, high technology facility producing roll and sheet-fed labels of virtually any size and shape. Their specialised service includes the design and production of customised labels for clients with no run being too small or too large. 

The technical department offers a wide range of services, such as the installation and technical support of printers, scanners and labeling software. 

The marketing department is especially focused on customers, providing a dedicated helpline to answer all customer queries, and assists in template support as well as product training. Their representatives provide ongoing training on branded products, customised printing and printing solutions.

Prosperous future ahead

The need to laminate labels has become dated and Redfern Labels has reduced their carbon footprint by manufacturing self-adhesive, sandwich laminating paper onto a backing sheet. This allows them to contain costs and at the same time offer a wide range of products printing both on top and underneath the paper. 

Their international client list is growing fast with the company confidently supplying full colour labels into Africa, the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe and their social Investment programmes and activities are important matters on their agenda. Capespan, supplier of deciduous and citrus fruit, has also approached the company to partner with a local community and take part in a leadership program involving staff. The company continues to address social investment matters throughout the year improving the lives of employees and the greater community. 

Despite the shrinkage of the self adhesive market and the volatility of the rand impacting paper products in terms of cost, Redfern Labels continues to excel as a leader in its industry, keeping abreast of an ever changing, developing market. With all businesses using printed matter in their daily operations the company is set to continue effectively into the future.

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