Latest salary survey results released

MyBroadband conducted its latest salary survey in January 2016, aimed at establishing the average salaries of IT and telecommunications professionals in South Africa.

The salary survey was completed by 2,386 IT and telecommunications professionals across SA.

The survey revealed that the average basic monthly IT and telecoms salary in South Africa is R35,184, up from R33,067 a year ago.

This overall average salary, however, is not of much value to employees who want to see how their pay packages compare to their peers’ salaries.

To accurately compare salaries, factors like fields of expertise, experience, and seniority must be taken into account.

The table below provides an overview of the average salaries of IT professionals, based on job description and experience.


Basic monthly salary
Experience Under 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years 10 to 20 years Over 20 years
Management R41,077 R53,589 R67,771
Project management R17,074 R25,576 R38,117 R49,668 R62,028
Programming, software development R18,941 R27,941 R40,774 R55,512 R58,687
Database design and administration R18,429 R24,654 R38,482 R50,836 R60,681
Systems administration R13,586 R19,875 R30,841 R38,569 R59,331
Networks R16,707 R18,291 R26,670 R37,453 R59,517
Security R16,313 R21,323 R30,776 R43,802 R58,516
Design R15,341 R21,266 R36,458 R44,375 R64,549
Sales, marketing R12,819 R19,928 R33,329 R44,472 R63,500
Tech support (helpdesk, IT technician) R11,985 R15,932 R24,704 R33,322 R49,274
Education, training, research R12,051 R20,214 R28,258 R40,437 R65,500
Internet, ecommerce, website management R14,623 R18,901 R30,716 R44,331 R55,999
Analyst, consultant R27,475 R42,080 R52,165 R61,966
Communications, writer, media R13,744 R20,552 R22,698 R49,019 R61,500


Total annual pay package
Experience Under 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years 10 to 20 years Over 20 years
Management R560,485 R699,713 R909,622
Project management R207,776 R331,776 R511,307 R639,743 R848,666
Programming, software development R239,894 R352,636 R525,804 R712,030 R783,073
Database design and administration R227,872 R310,800 R493,680 R654,366 R817,104
Systems administration R179,100 R252,918 R398,043 R493,178 R787,056
Networks R207,909 R235,223 R348,218 R478,213 R777,813
Security R198,762 R275,198 R398,331 R560,504 R818,200
Design R190,039 R271,124 R463,508 R569,932 R835,592
Sales, marketing R163,721 R274,053 R447,716 R663,087 R875,000
Tech support (helpdesk, IT technician) R155,961 R199,352 R320,772 R426,281 R658,060
Education, training, research R155,888 R261,180 R369,265 R520,509 R879,750
Internet, ecommerce, website management R196,254 R240,132 R390,528 R567,040 R713,531
Analyst, consultant R353,271 R541,053 R671,824 R809,819
Communications, writer, media R184,400 R263,560 R302,569 R618,451 R786,000

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