Landlord turns off Telkom’s cellphone tower

According to a recent article by MyBroadband, a frustrated property owner switched off a Telkom cellphone tower after the mobile network failed to pay him for electricity and rental.

  • The tower sits on a commercial property in Glenhazel, Johannesburg
  • Telkom and the owner reached an agreement to mount a base station on the building, allowing it to provide improved coverage in the area
  • Telkom was to reimburse the owner for the cost of the electricity required to run the site
  • Telkom also agreed to pay a monthly rental amount
  • Initially bills were paid on time, but then payments became sporadic
  • Telkom paid less than the agreed upon amount, or not at all
  • Calls and e-mails to Telkom went unanswered
  • The landlord warned Telkom that if he did not receive payment by a certain date, he would switch the tower off
  • He received no reply and switched the tower off
  • This has resulted in reduced coverage for local residents who are Telkom mobile or fixed-LTE customers

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