Invitation to online seminar: winning at the CCMA in the Covid environment

LABOUR LAW MANAGEMENT CONSULTING is proud to announce its on-line seminar on Winning at the CCMA in the Covid Environment

Increases in cases of retrenchment, pay cuts and misconduct resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic are placing severe strain on the CCMA, employers and employees. This creates a double whammy for employers because they have to allocate scarce resources to cope with the extra CCMA disputes, but also have to cope with the effects of the very tight lockdown at the CCMA. That is, contacting CCMA case management, lodging legal papers and conducting CCMA hearings are all much more difficult during the lockdown.

This seminar, presented by Ivan Israelstam, deals with these challenges by covering the following:

• How to avoid being taken to the CCMA
• Using the conciliation and arbitration processes to your advantage
• Understanding the laws of evidence
• How to prepare a case scheduled for arbitration
• How to present a winning case at CCMA
• How to navigate obstacles to communication with CCMA case management, lodgement of documents and participation at online CCMA hearings

Event Details:
DATE: 17 September 2021
TIME: 9h00-12h00
ENQUIRIES: Ronni at or 084 521 7492


Ivan Israelstam, CEO of Labour Law Management Consulting is a leading practitioner in labour law and labour relations management.
He has over 30 years’ experience, a social sciences degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and a IPM Diploma in Human Resource Management and Training.

Ivan Israelstam is a regular labour law columnist for the SA Labour Guide, People Factor, Business Live and several other publications. He is the author of five books including “Walking the New Labour Law Tightrope” and “Labour Law Landmines: 99 Ways to Succeed at the CCMA”. Ivan has been a part-time commissioner with the CCMA and Chairperson of the Labour Affairs Committee of the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He speaks on television and radio and at conferences and seminars on subjects such as labour law, takeovers, retrenchments, affirmative action, dismissal, and union negotiations. He is registered with SABPP as a Master HR Professional.



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