Industrial maintenance is made easy with the right equipment from Eazi

As the sole distributor of JLG mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) in sub-Sahara Africa, Eazi Sales & Service not only provides access platforms that get the job done quicker, safer and more cost-effectively. The company delivers site-specific solutions that consider unique requirements, as JJF Construction and local steel company can attest to after the successful completion of their maintenance projects.


“With the right tool for the job, most tasks can be completed quicker, easier and safer. When it comes to working at height, the challenge lies in finding a trusted MEWP supplier with the ability to assess a client’s specific needs correctly and efficiently in order to deliver the most suitable machine to meet the specific working at height requirement,” says Larry Smith, Managing Director at Eazi Sales & Service.


When JJF Construction contracted Eazi to supply an aerial work platform to complete maintenance and cleaning at Kellogg’s plant in Springs, the access specialist advised that this particular application required a more specialised access platform, which could work in a confined space work envelope. Eazi set about sourcing the ideal solution for the application and imported the first JLG Toucan 1310 to South Africa.


“The Toucan was ideal for this application because it works exceptionally well in confined spaces and at heights of up to 13 metres. It also offers good up-and-over reach of 8 meters with a reach of over 5 metres,” says Smith.


One of Eazi’s large steel fabrication clients was losing millions each time it had to halt production to complete maintenance tasks using a scaffolding solution. Apart from being time consuming, having to source scaffolding from suppliers whenever maintenance tasks had to be done and waiting for it to be rigged and then taken down after completion of the work, it was also posing safety risks.


“The client would lose between three and four days of production each time it had to do maintenance and urgently needed a safer and quicker solution. After an assessment of the terrain and the requirements, we recommended the versatile JLG E300AJP electric boom as the most cost-effective solution. It is suitable for complicated as well as simple tasks and will serve the client’s working at height purposes best.”


The 1,2 metre wide JLG E300AJP has a reach of over 11 metres and a lifting capacity of 230 kg. As it is electric, it emits no fumes. The client has also taken up a maintenance agreement as per JLG-prescribed standards to help ensure maximum uptime and predictable maintenance expenses.


“With these types of contracts, we typically provide user training to ensure that the client can realise the full potential of the JLG aerial work platform. Eazi’s JLG representative in Midrand also stocks a full range of spare machine parts, and a dedicated team provides maintenance around the clock, 24/7,” says Smith.


Eazi Sales & Service will tailor each solution to exactly match the access needs of even the most arduous maintenance or cleaning task. The company offers a range of diesel and electric booms, scissor lifts, push-around lifts and compact crawlers for heights of between 4 and 47 metres.


“If we don’t have the right MEWP solution for a client’s application, we will not give up till we find it,” concludes Smith.


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Caption: The JLG Toucan 1310, sourced specifically By Eazi Sales for maintenance and cleaning at Kellogg’s plant,  works exceptionally well in confined spaces, reaching heights of up to 13 metres and offering an up-and-over reach of 8 meters.

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