Imprint Act 43 of 1993 reminder from PIFSA

The Imprint Act has been around for some time now.  What many printers do not know is that this act requires that any printer of printed matter with certain exceptions, affixes a legible notice containing the following words:

“Printed by…………….”  followed by his full and correct name and the full and correct address at which he conducts his business of printing.

As you can imagine this can take up very valuable design space.  But there is a solution.

The Act allows a manufacturing printer to register an abbreviated imprint. This imprint does however have to be registered with the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa, the designated administrator for the Imprint Act on behalf of Home Affairs. The registration of an abbreviated imprint only costs R57.00 inclusive of VAT and will ensure that you are fully compliant. Only manufacturing printers may register an imprint and it is an offence to use the registered imprint of another printer.

Exceptions:  Not many unfortunately.
Printed matter not intended for public sale or for public distribution.

Further exemptions published in Notice 932 dated 28 May 1993 exempts the following from requiring an imprint:

Commercial Printing
Labels, stamps, seals smaller than 25 square centimetres
Business cards 11cm x 8cm or smaller
Bags smaller than 17cm x 11cm in size
Letterheads printed, embossed or foiled
Tape-sealing machine strips
Bank notes supplied by the South African Bank Note Printing Company
Fruit wrappers
All bills, Acts, reports, documents, memoranda or minutes of Parliament or any Parliamentary committee that are printed by order of Parliament or any Parliamentary committee or the State President of the Speaker of the House.
All circulars and work printed on duplicating machine and published by and in the name of any State Department of the Republic of South Africa

Personal, professional and private stationery
Notepaper printed, embossed or foiled
Envelopes, Visiting Cards
Invitation and acknowledgement cards
Wedding stationery

Newspapers were included in the Imprint Act via the Imprint Amendment Act 18 of 1994.

Contact our National Office for more information. Register your imprint and comply.

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