How to get previous customers to buy again

The backbone of most businesses is not just new customers as much as it is repeat customers. Their loyalty helps to cement the trustworthiness of a business and so, potentially attract new customers too.
Furthermore, if someone once needed your goods or services, chances are they will need them again. So getting them to buy again is important for your business’ survival and growth.

Here is what to keep in mind if you want to get previous customers to buy again:

Go through old customer databases
Usually, you will have contact information of previous customers in some sort of database. You can use this information to create an email or SMS marketing campaign to remind them of your business and the services you offer. Though contact details of some of these people may have changed since you last captured their details, it is likely most still have the same details. This simple exercise is well worth it, because many of them may simply need a small nudge to remind them of you and your product or service.

Have a promotion
When you contact previous customers, give them an incentive to buy from you again with a promotion of some kind. This can for instance be a discount or a gift given to the first 100 customers on a certain day, or a promotional code by SMS or email sent to previous customers.

Contact big spenders
These can be people who made one big purchase a while ago or made a series of purchases that amounted to quite a lot of money. Find out from them if they would be interested in doing business with you again, and how you can make their experience more rewarding – in hopes of frequent sales.

Find out why some customers have not made any purchases lately
This information will help you find out where you are lacking as a business and how you can improve for current and future customers.

Check for prospects that were not followed up on
It is never too late to contact a lead, even if it is from a while ago. You never know if they are suddenly in the market to make a purchase for services or goods you provide. This single proactive act can lead to forging a relationship with a loyal new customer. They may not have purchased before, but you can now woo them in through efficient service and hopefully keep them as frequent buyers.

Regaining the business of previous customers requires a hands-on approach to attract them back. You need to give them an incentive such as a discount to get them to consider buying from you again and possibly keep you in mind for future purchases. A little initiative can indeed yield surprisingly rewarding results in building repeat sales cost-effectively and fairly quickly.
Supplied by The National Small Business Chamber

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