How do you view and manage risks that affect your business strategy?

Deloitte Risk Advisory has published a report titled Exploring Strategic Risk, a local take on a global report which offers fresh insights into how companies view and manage the risks that affect their business strategy.

The comparative findings are based on a global survey of over 300 international senior managers and executive respondents. 234 further responses were obtained from the local version of this survey. Just under half, or about 47% of South African respondents, are executives or risk specialists.

The survey reveals that only 50% of respondents indicated that their risk management program supports their ability to develop and execute business strategy well. So, what are the other half of leading companies doing to manage strategic risk – and how well are they prepared for the future?

The report provides answers to questions such as:

  • Which risk areas had/have/will have the most impact on business strategies?
  • Who primarily determines a companies approach to managing strategic risks?
  • Has the approach to managing strategic risks changed in the last three years and how?

Which technology enablers or disruptors may threaten business models?

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