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Discovery takes aim at controversial NHI bill

After the release of the NHI Bill on Thursday last week, medical aid behemoth Discovery has come out with a statement regarding how they will approach negotiating a positive result for all. The statement from Discovery reads: The extent of negative sentiment from...

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The price tag for the global trade war is $585bn

By Eddie Spence for Bloomberg President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports are getting a lot of blame for slowing the global economy, but it’s all the uncertainty from his Twitter habit and trade policy more broadly that could be even more harmful. According to...

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Co-working spaces are no longer ‘rows of bros’

The global co-working trend of the past few years which disrupted the traditional office space is itself already being disrupted as the demand for shared work space that is more like a luxury five star luxury hotel grows. Linda Trim, director at FutureSpace, says that...

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The role of mobile technology in retail

By Sandra Wrobel-Konior for Business2Community  Technology is changing the way most industries do business, and retail is no exception to the ever-evolving advancements. Although some are afraid technology may be hurting the retail industry by moving everything...

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Google Maps now offers augmented reality directions

Source: Make Use Of Google Maps is rolling out a new feature called Live View. Google Maps’ Live View uses augmented reality (AR) to display virtual signposts and directions in the real world. Which should make it easier for you to get from A to B without getting...

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Lowest Internet advertising growth rate since 2001

By Mark Sweney for The Guardian The internet is about to lose its mantle as the fastest-growing sector of the global advertising market for the first time in two decades, as brands seeking risk-free space to spend their ad budgets turn to traditional media such as...

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IT managers inundated with cyberattacks

A recent Sophos survey has found that IT managers are struggling to cope with the volume and magnitude of cyberattacks. The following key findings relate to South Africa: Cybercriminal tactics have evolved into using multiple attack methods and often multiple payloads...

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The mall in 2029: imaging the future

Speaking at the recent South African Council of Shopping Centres Research Conference, Doris Viljoen – a senior futurist at the Institute for Futures Research based at Stellenbosch University – shared an imagined future for malls based on current retail trends. With...

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Ghost employees could cost you your business

The occurrence of ghost employees on a company’s payroll system ranks as the most difficult type of payroll fraud to detect, particularly in larger companies where no proper controls exist. Over time, this can pose a serious threat to the organisation’s profitability...

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Unlimited leave can transform local business

Even though unlimited leave is not a new concept internationally, the news that a local specialist banking group has embraced it has raised a few eyebrows. Nicol Myburgh, head of the HR Business Unit at CRS Technologies, says this approach necessitates a radical...

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Is the adult colouring book craze dead?

By Adam Rowe for Forbes In 2015, adult colouring books became the dark horse of the publishing industry, as a surprising surge in sales boosted major players’ revenues. In 2016, there was no end in sight. In 2017, the bottom fell out of the adult colouring book...

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