Cake glitter is no more edible than craft glitter

By Wendy Knowler for Times Live  You probably wouldn’t dream of eating the glitter sold in stationery and craft shops‚ but almost all the glitter sprinkled on iced cupcakes has no business inside a human body either. Confusingly‚ the labels say “non toxic”‚ which...

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Bullet journalling drives stationery sales

By Tori Linville for Gifts and Dec A journal is one of the most personal items someone can own, and the trend of bullet journals skyrocketed in the past year, driving sales of traditional stationery supplies like writing instruments and notebooks, according to The NPD...

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Tech-friendly letter writing

By Akanksha Singh for Grok Nation Imagine sending out an email to a friend, only to receive a digital handwritten note back. Handwriting correspondence, snapping a photo and sending it digitally is what I call “tech-friendly letter writing.” Once upon a time, people...

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The nitty-gritty of hobby insurance

Source: SA Good News  If you have, or are considering engaging in an expensive hobby such as Mountain Biking, flying model aeroplanes, collecting coins or artwork, being aware of the risks you carry and having adequate cover in place is essential to avoid financial...

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Computer-based craft inspiration for Father’s Day

Source: Martha Stewart Monogrammed boxes These elegant containers are perfect for jewelry, gift cards, and small items. Materials: Coloured card stock Computer Printer Bone folder Scissors Straightedge Glue stick Heavy books Instructions: In a photo-editing program,...

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Local designers take on online stationery

Source: BusinessGhana Award-winning South African designers are taking on the world of online stationery with beautiful, locally illustrated designs. Ink & Bash is a new Stellenbosch-based start-up that’s making it easy for anyone to design their own...

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Traditional hobbies are dying out

By Neil Shaw for DevonLive  Trainspotting, quilting and astrology are among the hobbies which are dying out, a study has found. Researchers found working longer hours, having less disposable income and social media distractions mean fewer of us are able to take time...

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The 1 200 pencil mural

By Kristen Stephenson for Guinness World Records  Julian Martinez was told by his own art class that crafting a mural using just pencils was impossible – but he’s proved them wrong by creating the largest pencil drawn mural. While no one seemed to have...

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Colour-tinted skeleton leaves: an autumn craft

Source: The Kreative Life Find some big sturdy leaves, that are waxy and veiny because they work the best. Here is my step-by-step tutorial on how to make skeleton leaves. You will need: Waxy leaves Large pot Water (12 cups) Super washing soda – also called...

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