Is the adult colouring book craze dead?

By Adam Rowe for Forbes In 2015, adult colouring books became the dark horse of the publishing industry, as a surprising surge in sales boosted major players’ revenues. In 2016, there was no end in sight. In 2017, the bottom fell out of the adult colouring book...

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How the Rolls-Royce of chalk nearly disappeared

By Mindy Weisberger for Live Science A type of blackboard chalk that was produced for decades by just one factory in Japan was so highly prized by mathematicians they referred to it as “the Rolls-Royce of chalk.” And when rumors surfaced about the chalk...

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Why wedding stationery matters

By Jess Young for SWNS When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about and you’d be forgiven for forgetting how important stationery can be. From invitations to menus and everything in between, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Yet, wedding...

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How YouTube is replacing hobbies

By Marchelle Abrahams / Daily Mail for IOL Are we raising a generation of web addicts? A major new study seems to point in that direction, saying children in the UK have become so addicted to screen time that they are abandoning their hobbies. It found that under-5s...

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Make school stationery last

Source: Jacaranda FM It’s back to school which means parents are expected to buy a list of school stationery as long as their arm for their kids. Stationery can be costly and because of that, it needs to last. These tips below will help you ensure that your child’s...

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Creative stationery set to boom this holiday season

By Tia Frapolli for The NPD Group The holiday season presents consumers with a perfect opportunity to get in touch with their creative side – a behaviour that bodes well for the US office supplies market. Several arts, crafts, and traditional supplies categories that...

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The eco-friendly guide to Christmas gift wrap

By Lisa Bowman for Metro Image credit: Wrapt Last year it was estimated that Brits would throw out 108-million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. That’s a lot of waste. Even the most well-intentioned of us may be unaware that the wrap we put in recycling isn’t...

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Paper cut: the ancient stencil art of Sanjhi

By Soma Das for Hindustan Times  The stencil art of Sanjhi has its roots in Indian folk culture and is associated with Vaishnav temple traditions. As an eight-year-old, paper artist Jaishree Pankaj Shah would watch intently as her grandfather made hand-cut paper...

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Artist creates paintings, sculptures with fabric

In the hands of Benjamin Shine, a piece of tulle isn’t just for making fancy dresses and curtains. Using nothing but an iron, the British artist turns the fabric into amazingly realistic paintings and sculptures. Shine sculpts, presses and pleats the huge single piece...

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Office supplies? Ostrich supplies!

By Troy Turner for Yanko Design Introducing Ostrich. Never before has a paperclip holder been so awesome. The magnetic silhouette takes on the familiar form of the world’s biggest bird. Beautiful on its own, the shiny metallic finish and funky red “sneakers” make it...

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