Creative stationery set to boom this holiday season

By Tia Frapolli for The NPD Group The holiday season presents consumers with a perfect opportunity to get in touch with their creative side – a behaviour that bodes well for the US office supplies market. Several arts, crafts, and traditional supplies categories that...

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The eco-friendly guide to Christmas gift wrap

By Lisa Bowman for Metro Image credit: Wrapt Last year it was estimated that Brits would throw out 108-million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. That’s a lot of waste. Even the most well-intentioned of us may be unaware that the wrap we put in recycling isn’t...

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Paper cut: the ancient stencil art of Sanjhi

By Soma Das for Hindustan Times  The stencil art of Sanjhi has its roots in Indian folk culture and is associated with Vaishnav temple traditions. As an eight-year-old, paper artist Jaishree Pankaj Shah would watch intently as her grandfather made hand-cut paper...

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Artist creates paintings, sculptures with fabric

In the hands of Benjamin Shine, a piece of tulle isn’t just for making fancy dresses and curtains. Using nothing but an iron, the British artist turns the fabric into amazingly realistic paintings and sculptures. Shine sculpts, presses and pleats the huge single piece...

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Pakistani artist goes for record with swing made of pencils

Source: The Citizen With a sharp eye for detail, Bilal Asif carefully labours over his quest for a pointedly unusual world record – crafting the largest swing ever made from pencils. Asif combs over his creation inside his studio in the southern megacity of Karachi,...

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Office supplies? Ostrich supplies!

By Troy Turner for Yanko Design Introducing Ostrich. Never before has a paperclip holder been so awesome. The magnetic silhouette takes on the familiar form of the world’s biggest bird. Beautiful on its own, the shiny metallic finish and funky red “sneakers” make it...

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Turning plastic pollution into office furniture

By Maria Dermentzi for Mashable Plastic Whale is a professional plastic fishing company that offers boat trips during which tourists — while sightseeing — will pick up plastic from Amsterdam’s canals. The plastic bottles that are being collected get turned into...

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Make ornaments from old greeting cards

Original article by Amy Johnson for Maker Mama  It’s nearly time to start spring cleaning. Some things in life we find hard to throw away, and one of those is holiday and birthday cards received from those close to you. One way to save them is to use old cards...

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Cake glitter is no more edible than craft glitter

By Wendy Knowler for Times Live  You probably wouldn’t dream of eating the glitter sold in stationery and craft shops‚ but almost all the glitter sprinkled on iced cupcakes has no business inside a human body either. Confusingly‚ the labels say “non toxic”‚ which...

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Bullet journalling drives stationery sales

By Tori Linville for Gifts and Dec A journal is one of the most personal items someone can own, and the trend of bullet journals skyrocketed in the past year, driving sales of traditional stationery supplies like writing instruments and notebooks, according to The NPD...

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Tech-friendly letter writing

By Akanksha Singh for Grok Nation Imagine sending out an email to a friend, only to receive a digital handwritten note back. Handwriting correspondence, snapping a photo and sending it digitally is what I call “tech-friendly letter writing.” Once upon a time, people...

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