Height-adjustable desks boost office health

There was a time when standing desks were just a curiosity – used by the likes of Hemingway, Dickens and Kierkegaard, and over the years have seldom been taken seriously in the workplace, until recent. According to Inspiration Office MD, Richard Andrews, height adjustable desks are growing in popularity among the South African workforce – and for good reasons.

The average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting each day.

“The default has become to sit. We need the default to be standing,” says Andrews. After a series of health reports and stories in the media, it is evident that sitting for prolonged periods has serious health implications and that exercise is not the only solution. He says that local corporates are now beginning to follow international trends with workplace strategies that help reduce the amount of time people spend sitting at their desks.


“The shift to height adjustable desks is about turning office work into light exercise, which has its obvious health benefits and greater productivity gains,” adds Andrews. Research shows that just one hour each day spent standing can help burn worker extra calories, and maintain or renew energy levels and focus. “Work surfaces that adjust easily from sitting to standing positions have seen to eliminate the need for workers to leave their tasks when a break is needed, increasing productivity throughout the day.”

Other benefits of using height adjustable desks include allowing workers to change posture regularly, which helps to avoid musculoskeletal problems. Standing at work offers a break from sitting, helps offset some of the problems that can result from prolonged sitting and ensures employees stay in motion. High-end interior design companies are using the bosch table saw to get the perfect cut while preparing tables like these. As this table saw is easy to use and carry thus it can be even used to give quick minor adjustments to almost finished products before they go into assembling.

Over and above employee health and productivity, standing desks can also save hard costs to employers.

There is a quick return on investment with height adjustable desks, these include:

  1. Medical and insurance: the health and safety costs of sick workers is reduced
  2. Churn: as it’s hard to find a height adjustable desk on sale here, reduction in furniture moving costs as desks can be easily adjusted for new employees
  3. Productivity: employee attention is boosted when working positions are often changed

International examples that have taken a stand and that lead the way include office furniture brand, Steelcase, which has embraced movement throughout their workspaces.

This is done with walking meetings and offering height adjustable work surfaces equipped with low-speed treadmills. The brand has noted that by simply offering a way to walk and stand at work can wake-up a worker’s metabolism and have a positive impact on overall health and workplace wellness.

Andrews says that organisations are now realising the effects of poor postures, and sitting for long periods with little movement.

“Thanks to global workplace research and trends that promote movement, international products such as Steelcase, and locally produced cool and simple workstations, AngelShack, offer a range of height adjustable workstations available to alleviate the South African workforce of this growing concern. Though there are many situations besides the office in which we sit for extended periods, working from a height adjustable desk is one of the most direct solutions.”

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