GameChanger: Work will never be the same again

What do you get when you synergise decades of experience in office furnishing with award-winning design of international standard, an exceptionally talented production team obsessed with quality, and a state-of-the-art local production facility dedicated to environmental responsibility and local job creation? 

The answer? GameChanger – a product that will revolutionise office spaces and ensure work will never be the same again. 

Angel Shack created this extraordinary new range of cool and simple workstations, positioned at the cutting edge of the latest trends in work spaces. GameChanger is therefore crafted to global design standards, manufactured to the highest quality, produced locally to contain costs and create jobs, and created to be exceptionally kind to the environment. 

“Businesses need to optimise office space priced at a premium, take advantage of the smaller desk footprint required by the use of flat screens, laptops and iPads, and create multi-functional spaces for increasingly mobile workers,” comments Grant Andrews who, based on more than 40 years of experience in the office furniture industry, recently formed a joint venture with Angel Shack. 

At the forefront of this global workspace evolution is European designer, Stefan Brodbeck of brodbeck design. Brodbeck is an internationally acclaimed German industrial designer with over 30 design awards to his name, including the acclaimed Red Dot award. Brodbeck is responsible for the design mastery behind GameChanger, which takes ergonomics to a new level: “bespoke ergonomics”. 

“Whether you sit and work, stand and work, use a filing cabinet or an iPad docking station, meet for creative brainstorm sessions or simply socialise, the GameChanger range of cool and simple workstations, crafted for all generations, work the way you do,” explains Brodbeck. “Each workstation can be customised, personalised and accessorised entirely, resulting in engaging spaces that encourage creativity and productivity.” 

Angel Shack has reinvented itself into a world-class proudly South African manufacturing facility, with significantly increased design and manufacturing capacity and state-of-the-art equipment. Considerable time, effort and money has been invested to establish an environmentally-responsible manufacturing process, using only timber sourced from companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and ensuring all desks and accessories are produced with no volatile organic compounds (VOC) to reduce indoor air pollution. 

Furthermore, Angel Shack cares about the air you breathe and that is why the laminates and coatings used in Angel Shack desks and accessories are certified Volatile Organic Compound – free (VOC-free).  

Generally furniture is made of melamine which emits VOC’s over a long period of time into the indoor environment. Exposure occurs through the air we breathe from the evaporation of these VOC’s into the air from products. Many vocs are irritants and cause headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation and dizziness. Long term exposure to certain vocs can lead to chronic diseases due to their toxicity.  

Angel Shack has embarked on a comprehensive sustainability audit, which will underscore its commitment to transforming the company into an eco-responsible one.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of GameChanger is the fact that this world-class range of office furniture will be produced right here in South Africa, not only for the local market, but also for export into Africa and selected parts of Europe. This ensures impressive cost benefits by eliminating high import duties, freight and handling costs, and exchange rate vagaries. 

Simultaneously, it will create local jobs, eliminate long lead times and stimulate economic growth. In line with its game-changing nature, the GameChanger range will also be accessible in a novel way: buy online or buy from friends, who can earn a commission, which will spread the economic benefits even more widely through the community.  

GameChanger will not only place South African companies at the forefront of the evolution of work spaces in our modern society, it will position South Africa at the head of global office furniture design and manufacture. 

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