FNB clients can sell their homes via the banking app

By Bombi Mavundza for Business Insider SA 

FNB customers can now list and sell their homes directly to other FNB clients on the Nav Home feature on their FNB apps – without using an estate agent.

Prospective sellers and buyers can talk to each other, arrange to view a listed property and negotiate the price, via the chat function on the FNB banking app.

The function comes shortly after the app’s Nav Car feature launched in May. The feature allows to keep track of their vehicle payments and maintenance.

Here’s how it works:

  • FNB clients who want to sell their home, can list their property on the Nav Home feature on the app through a 6-step process.
  • When deciding on a listing price, the FNB client gets assistance on the app through an instant free value estimate for the property. You can also view similar and current listings in your area.
  • You upload photos for your listing.
  • The property listing is then displayed to other FNB clients.
  • Sellers can filter prospective buyers on how likely they are to qualify for a home loan.
  • Prospective buyers can then contact the seller through the app and arrange a viewing.
  • When they have agreed on a price, the buyer can request a pre-approval on a home loan application through the app.
  • The buyer can also get a standard Offer to Purchase document from the app. The buyer will get 50% off bond registration fees with a selected panel of attorneys, and also 50% back in eBucks on the first home loan repayment.
  • The seller doesn’t pay any commission when using the app.

“With over 8-million properties registered in the deeds office, we see a significant opportunity to become a game-changer in the property industry,” says Raj Makanjee, FNB Retail CEO.

Because buyers and sellers are existing FNB customers, they can rest assured that their transactions are secure, says FNB Chief Imagineer, Jolandé Duvenage.

“Sellers and buyers and sellers also can disclose personal contact information only when they are comfortable to do so,” she says.

This method of sale is exclusive to FNB customers.

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