February: Message from the Chairman

We are happy to report that the first monthly edition of shop-sa news was received positively, judging by the number of reads.

To maintain the momentum and provide the industry with relevant information, we again appeal to all players to send us news, either from your company or general items you feel should be shared with our members. We also welcome any comments, constructive criticism and suggestions!

The “big news” this month was of course the Budget, and as always one can’t please everyone.
Comments like “a Lipstick Budget” and “same old, same old”, not to mention Eskom and more bail-out funds, illustrate the difficulties faced by Mr. Mboweni and company.

The huge portion of funds allocated to education and the stance on corruption could bode well for our industry.

The next chapter in the SA story is the elections, and these will hopefully bring more stability and certainty, giving businesses big or small the confidence needed to grow and be prepared tor the “fourth industrial relvolution”.

Sharing information is, in my view, a key factor to manage what lies ahead. Shop-sa, your association, aims to play its part in this regard.

Our industry has shown resilience in the past and will do so going forward.

Hans Servas


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