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The weather has settled into its winter cycle and everyone has gone into proverbial hibernation. Whether you’re sitting chained to your desk or out in the open we’re all thinking about one thing… Summer. But while the thought of sunbathing on a hot sandy beach does sound all too exciting we need to focus that energy on relationships at home as well as at work.

We spoke to Ryan Bidgood CEO and founder of Office National Africa and Arthur Rump 
Chairman of Office National Africa and asked them how they inspire their employees to 
meet challenges head on, what has driven them to succeed and the foundations of good inspiration.

What’s the biggest challenge YOU feel your company faces, and how do you inspire
your employees to meet it head on?

Ryan –
• Growth – we need to control our companies growth, to grow within our means.
• Risk management of Office National Africa.
• Personal development – to balance the demands of today’s economy with tomorrows 
opportunity and developing our people beyond today.
• Succession planning for the company and group.
• Keeping emotion out of business without losing the passion – so many people confuse
passion with emotion and visa versa.

Arthur –
To help members adapt to the changing world economy. Inspire employees by constantly
talking to them about the challenges and solutions.

Which one aspect has driven you to succeed over the past 8 years?
Ryan –
• My fear of failure.
• My ability to see opportunities. 
• Not taking NO for an answer.

Arthur –
We all want to be associated with a winning team. Life is too short to fail.

What do you feel are the foundations of good inspiration?
Ryan –
• Your health, self-confidence (not arrogance), positive outlook on life, lead by example 
and then control and focus on the aspect you can change…not on the things you have
no say or influence on.

Arthur –
Good moral and family values and a positive attitude to life.

So focus your winter energy on the people that make your business. Put more time into skills development and important health benefits. Your staff will not only feel valued but they will also strive for self-improvement to get further up the corporate ladder. To read more on how to keep your staff happy and how to curb high staff turnaround read our article “People Assets”. We also have some more inspirational articles on eco marketing, managing an online reputation and blood donation to name but a few, so keep reading…

SOURCE: http://www.officenational.co.za/pg.aspx?title=Office-News-edition-6—Welcome

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