Energy saving security lighting

Security, and specifically security lighting, is a necessity in today’s world but with LED Flood Lights available for most applications, running costs can be drastically reduced without compromising on light output.

Most Halogen Flood Light lamps output anywhere between 10 – 20 lumens per watt and when compared to an LED Flood Light’s 100+ lumens per watt it become very evident how much an LED Flood Light can save you in lighting costs! Of course LED’s also last much longer than halogens so the argument for LED becomes even more stronger when we start calculating maintenance and replacement costs.

Below you will find our guide to replacing Halogens with LED. This is not an exact science as the lumens of halogens can vary wildly.
• 100W Halogen = 10W LED Flood Light
• 250W Halogen = 30W LED Flood Light
• 400W Halogen = 50W LED Flood Light
• 500W Halogen = 70W LED Flood light
LED Flood lights can save you more than 50% in your security lighting costs.
In addition LED Flood Lights last up to 20 times longer saving you the annoyance of having to change bulbs and fittings on a regular basis.
The entire range of LED Flood lights can be seen at

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