Ecotechnology at its best! Durable’s new building in Poland!

DURABLE extends its Szczecin facility in Poland, utilising the very latest ecotechnology with a combined heat and power generation system! 

Iserlohn/ Szczecin, 9 August 2012. 

The DURABLE brand stands for intelligent office solutions for clipping and binding, organising and sorting, as well as information and presentation. The leading manufacturer of professional office organisation and presentation systems is now expanding its production capacity. 

In 2006, DURABLE opened its production plant in the Polish city of Szczecin. Although at the time the plant capacity was sufficient, with the continuous extension of the company’s product portfolio as well as the recent acquisitions of Idealplast and Atlanta it become inevitable to extend both the production and storage capacity. With a vision of doubling the existing space the construction of the new plant was carried out earlier this year. The design of the new building upholds what is the essence of DURABLE’s corporate mission statement, the “Style of Success”. It symbolises the company’s corporate goal of achieving the economic success but Durable is also passionate that its operations have a minimal impact on the environment, so it remains worth leaving in for generation to come. When planning this new building DURABLE has, therefore, particularly concentrated on innovation in ecotechnology, A major challenge was finding innovative ways to save energy. Here, a cogeneration unit fuelled with natural gas is making a substantial contribution. Its special feature is the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity, where the electricity generated can be used within the plant. This reduces the amount of power which needs to be used. 

Besides this innovative technology, heat recovery from compressed air generation has also been implemented (the waste heat generated by the compressed air in the aggregates is used as an additional source of heat during the heating period), and the compressed air generation system has also been equipped with demand-based regulation. Moreover, DURABLE has installed a modern lighting system with energy-efficient T5 tube technology, which enables demand-oriented reduction of the artificial light depending on the incidence of natural daylight. In July, DURABLE started to bring the new plant into operation. 

With the concept for its new building in Poland, DURABLE has demonstrated the high level of priority it gives to environmental responsibility and expressed its determination to integrate this responsibility into all areas of life. 

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