Don’t get ripped off this Black Friday

Black Friday 2017 will take place on 24 November, and local shoppers have already started allocating budget for the day.

The week of Black Friday typically sees retailers offering deals on a wide range of products from the Monday, with the real discounts usually put up from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

If you plan to buy products or services on Black Friday, you are likely to save a big chunk of what you would have spent at “normal” retail prices.

However, just because a retailer slaps a “Black Friday 2017” sticker on its items, don’t assume you are getting a good price.

The steps below will help you take advantage of Black Friday and ensure you don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes.

Make a list

Your first step is to make a list of everything you want to buy on Black Friday.

This will let you find what you are looking for quicker and stop you from buying unnecessary items.

Rank you list in order of “most important” to “least important” so you don’t run out of money before you have all your “essentials”.

Find prices

Once you have your list, find out how much “normal” pricing for the items are.

Take each item and look at how much it costs from a variety of retailers. Once you have found the lowest price, note the price next to the item on your list.

This will ensure you get a decent discount on the normal price on Black Friday.

Online stores

If you plan to buy an item online, visit the online stores you may shop from on Black Friday and familiarise yourself with their interfaces.

If you have ordered from the online store before, make sure your profile is up to date and active.

Many online stores may have limited stock or time-based deals, and you do not want to miss out on them because you do not know how to buy and check out, or you have to re-register your profile.

Shop around

While stocks are often limited and time sensitive on Black Friday, try to shop around before buying.

The last thing you want is to buy Item A from Shop X, only to see said item at Shop Y for 20% less.

Pick a few stores you expect to have good deals and quickly scan them to see if your listed items are available.

Check delivery times

Black Friday is a good time to order Christmas, birthday, or holiday gifts – but you will want to check when they get delivered.

Due to high demand and potential supply issues with retailers to fulfil all orders, you may have to wait several weeks for your Black Friday orders to be delivered.

Check online retailers’ information pages or terms and conditions when ordering to ensure the expected delivery time is acceptable for you.

Wake up early

Certain online retailers and physical stores will launch their deals at times like 00:01 on 24 November, so make sure you are awake if needs be.

Getting up early to order will also ensure that you miss peak buying traffic, which may cause deals to sell out, online stores to lag or crash, and online payments systems to fall over due to high volumes.

Visit your favourite sites this week and see if their Black Friday 2017 sales times are posted.

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