Do you have a Hater in your Office?

Every office has one. The person who always has to rain on everyone else’s parade when good news has been given. The person who always has to go back and be a news gazette to management. The one who will purposely not give you your messages so that you look bad.

Chances are, you have a hater in your office.

Having a hater in your office is a rite of passage. It’s also something that you cannot avoid. But what you can control is how you choose to deal (or not deal) with their negative behaviour and backstabbing tactics.

Never let your office mate know that you know they are a hater. What they want is for you to spazz out and make a scene in the office, therefore making you look like the bad guy. Don’t succumb to their need for attention. Also never let the office hater see you sweat!

Always CC emails and keep a paper trail when it comes to the inner office hater. Why? That is to avoid them pretending not to know about a deadline or a communication that the two of you have shared. When they think they have you in a corner, your paper trail will always save you.

Don’t get personal with the office hater. Do not share any of your information with them at all, for they will try to use it against you. Simply stay cordial with your hellos and goodbyes and only talk to them about office related items.

Work hard. An office hater’s greatest reward is to see you fail. Don’t allow that to happen. Do your job 110%, meet every goal, every deadline and eventually, the office hater will move onto another target because they see they can’t shake you!

If you can’t think of any office haters in your company, it may be that you are the culprit. Make sure that you work well with others, keep an open mind, and leave the judgement for after hours as to not interfere with work. Doing so will keep you from being the office hater.

If the office hater happens to be your boss, it may just be time to step up and out into something new.

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