Designer desks set the office style

The office desk usually serves as a starting point setting the trend for the décor throughout the office so it’s vital that buyers make the right decision before deciding to purchase.

The furniture in an office and the way it is set out plays an important part in creating a pleasant working environment. When deciding on furniture for the office, one of the first important pieces for consideration is the office desk. 

If employees are comfortable at work, there will be less chance of staff complaints arising and productivity will be maintained. City Office, an office service provider, says the right office desk depends on the needs and requirements of the company, space limitations and the comfort and functionality they provide for employees. 

They say the desk sets the standard for the décor for the entire office space and one of the reasons for starting with the desk is because an employee spends, most of their time at the desk and needs to be comfortable there.


A wide variety of choices 

Brooke Theresa, of the Street Directory, says due to the importance desks hold, designers and manufacturers are coming forward with pieces that meet the needs of all types of offices. She says from wooden to glass, office desks are made with various materials blending well with the interiors of an average office.

The office desks of choice usually depend on the requirements of the company, and space limitations, and comfort and functionality these desks will provide to employees. Some aspects for consideration include the buyer identifying their needs for the desk, the size, shape, surface materials, ergonomics, durability and quality.

Mark Downs Furniture, office furniture provider, advises to get the best quality office furniture, buyers need to be firm on design decisions prior to purchase. “When a buyer has made up their mind about what features they want in their office desk, it will enable them to buy the right product,” they say. Once the buyer has defined their ideal construction of office desks furniture, they can decide on how much they are willing to spend to get what they want in their furniture.


Tips for making the right choice

Koos Swanepoel, operational manager for Office Furniture Direct, says when choosing a desk the product should be task related and the return on investment should be productivity. He says some of the top selling open plan, laminate office furniture ranges are benching or beam systems which are supplied in rectangular cluster configurations.

“What makes this furniture popular is the effective floor space utilisation, efficient cable management, acoustics, privacy at the workstation and them being aesthetically pleasing, creating an attractive and professional corporate environment,” he says. 

Swanepoel adds their products are manufactured using the best raw materials available, ensuring good quality and value for money. Size, weight and raw materials are dictated by the selection of the workplace standards required. 


The final verdict

Whatever desk is chosen, it’s critical to take the time to think about this piece of office furniture before going ahead with the decision as it usually serves as the starting point for the style of office, furniture that will be chosen throughout the rest of the office and should be suitable to the taste and temperaments of staff members. m

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