DairyBelle announced as a 2012 Icon Brand

South African producer, DairyBelle, has won the 2012 TGI Icon Brand award in the Dairy Category, at the recent awards ceremony hosted in Sandton,  Johannesburg. The Brand Awards celebrate and benchmark those companies that have shown consistent growth, and consistent consumer commitment, with the brand survey being the largest of its kind in South Africa.


Winning this prestigious award is a phenomenal achievement for us”, notes DairyBelle Senior Marketing Manager Kim Bryden. “It shows not only the strength of the DairyBelle brand, but also the proud South African heritage and the authenticity and trust that DairyBelle offers its consumers.


The award validates that South African homes are proud to choose DairyBelle product, with the voting process being generated solely by public vote and participation.  The accolade undoubtedly sets DairyBelle ahead of its relevant competitors.  The achievement and 2012 win, can be attributed to the leading brands consistent messaging in marketing, strong value and variety and choice of great tasting product.


DairyBelle is a well-known family brand, and it is important for us to celebrate with the very market that has made us successful in today’s market place”  adds Bryden.


Key elements of the awards on a yearly basis are that the brands featured must be seen to unite a nation and be loved across the various ages, income, race and language spectrums. The 2012 survey also had a strong focus on product loyalty with local relevance to South African consumers. DairyBelle though its 2012 win can openly celebrate that it caters for all the above criteria, with consumer need and feedback at the forefront of its campaigns.


The Icon Awards effectively demonstrate not only the commitment that consumers have toward their favourite brands, but also allow an accurate measurement of marketing ROI.


Dairybelle has a proud SA heritage that has provided families with quality product for over  50 years.  Health, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are key elements for the brand.


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