Crime alert: transacting with government

Please be aware of the following warning from the National Treasury, when dealing with government departments:

Over the past four years, a number of companies have lost tens of thousands of rands due to alleged fraudulent request for quotations (RFQS) and orders, supposedly from government departments.
The fraudsters would send a fictitious RFQ from what would seem to be a governmental e-mail address, use a fake RFQ form with a logo and contact details of the contact person.
These requests are usually “urgent” and the whole process is concluded within a short period of time. During the process the “SCM officials” will be in contact with the unsuspecting service provider until the goods are delivered either outside the building or at an agreed address.
Companies are therefore advised to verify all the RFQs and orders by calling the respective departments, using the Departmental contact details listed on their respective Web sites, to verify authenticity prior to responding to any RFQs or orders to avoid falling prey to these fraudsters.

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