COPA Partners with ej4 for Video-based e-learning

e-Learning is something that’s been around for ages and is meant to quickly and inexpensively educate and motivate staff members on new subjects using online tools. Unfortunately, e-Learning usually goes something like this:

  • Boss forwards all employees a link to something “great” s/he found online
  • 3 out of 5 employees never open the link
  • 1 out of 5 employees click the link, see how LONG the proceeding video, webinar, or PowerPoint presentation is and never complete it

Fortunately, someone has come up with a speedy and straightforward method which presents information in a concise and accessible way and will actually teach you something useful!

ej4 creates short, entertaining videos that teach tactical lessons that can easily be applied on the job. With these videos employees can become trained on one specific task or goal, they’re not bombarded with extraneous information, and the average video length is only seven minutes!
These videos are produced by educators who know and understand the way modern employees take in and retain information. ej4 boasts a massive video library spanning subjects like customer service, communications, HR compliance, selling, software skills and much more. ej4 uses succinct e-learning tools and the “4js” to ensure their video courses are successful:

1.     Just As Needed: Practical learning that changes behaviour immediately

2.     Just Enough: Keeping messages and videos simple and to the point

3.     Just in Time: Putting information in the right hands at the right time

4.     Just Right: Using proven design methodology to implement new skills in everyday tasks

Whether you’re training new staff, sharpening the skills of your current employees, or just looking for opportunities to develop your entire team, eJ4 can make this easy and cost effective. For a complete course and price list and more information, visit the ej4 page on the COPA website by clicking here.

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