Conditions of return to the workplace on Level 4

By Andrea Chothia for The South African 

In addition to generally applicable health and safety protocols, each sector must agree upon a COVID-19 prevention and mitigation plan, approved by the Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize and any other minister relevant to the sector, individual businesses or workplace must have COVID-19 risk assessments and plans in place and must conduct worker education on COVID-19 and protection measures:

  • Identification and protection of vulnerable employees;
  • Safe transport of employees;
  • Screening of employees on entering the workplace;
  • Prevention of viral spread in the workplace;
  • Hand sanitisers and face masks;
  • Cleaning of surfaces and shared equipment;
  • Good ventilation;
  • Shift arrangements and canteen controls;
  • Managing sick employees;
  • Monitoring systems must be in place to ensure compliance with safety protocols and identify infections among employees; and
  • Mass testing should be carried out for workplaces over 500 workers.

Here are the five-levels of lockdown:

  1. Level 5: Drastic measures are required to contain the spread of disease (what we are in now);
  2. Level 4: Some activity will be allowed, subject to extreme precautions (what will be in place from 1 May);
  3. Level 3: Easing of restrictions, including work and social activities;
  4. Level 2: Further easing of restrictions, with some form of social distancing still in place; and
  5. Lockdown Level 1: Most normal activity can resume, providing we follow health guidelines.

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