Chairman’s letter – July 2021

This is probably the most difficult message I’ve written as there are no words to describe the events of last week- as well as its terrible aftermath.

What can one say when our country was plunged into mindless turmoil and destruction, specifically in KZN and Gauteng?

As shop-sa we condemn these acts of violence and destruction in the strongest terms.
We have information that a number of stationery businesses in KZN have been looted, in addition to the large retailers and wholesalers. See more details here. What we don’t know is the extent of the damage to their properties.

These companies, apart from the likes of Makro, PnP and so on, are owned by private individuals who will struggle to recover – but we are sure that suppliers in our industry will do everything they can to assist in terms of supplies.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and of course with all others affected.

Finally, the full extent of the carnage is slowly emerging. For example, small towns received little if any news coverage, not to mention protection!

We would also like to salute all those who stepped up to clean and assist in the rebuilding efforts.

Luckily the majority of people in South Africa are once again showing their resilience and spirit to overcome even massive challenges like this.

We would like to hear your story, positive or negative! Please contact if you have news to share.

Stay strong and safe … and don’t forget about the delta variant!

Hans Servas

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