Chairman’s letter – February 2021

On the Covid front, the first batch of the vaccine arrived with much fanfare, only to be found ineffective for the SA strain of the virus. This was followed by a small quantity of the J&J vaccine which was started to be rolled out to frontline workers.
Hopefully by the end of 2021 most of the population will have been vaccinated and the so called “herd immunity” can be achieved. In the meantime, stay vigilant and adhere to all protocols, especially in the workplace.

Back-to-school finally got underway and our industry again showed its strength by ensuring supplies were and are available to learners.

shop-sa will conduct another survey for our members to gauge the impact of the delays on their business.

Theft of stock on a large scale from retailers and distributors, including the hijacking of trucks, seems to be on the increase. This was highlighted in a message to shop-sa from one or our members. Needless to say, shop-sa will try to facilitate a combined approach to what is becoming a huge problem, adding to the challenges as a result of Covid.
The message is clear: don’t buy stolen goods. It is a criminal offence.

The board also decided to purchase an in-depth report based on research conducted by an international company of the South African stationery industry/market.

shop-sa will offer these findings to paid-up members as soon as the report is on hand.

Finally, the board would like to thank members who have paid their annual membership fees – we appeal to all industry players to do the same. Without funds, the association cannot provide even basic services.

2020, the year of Covid, has reinforced our motto that none of us is as strong as all of us.

Hans Servas

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