CES 2016: top gadgets and tech products

Tom’s Guide has announced the winners of its CES 2016 Top Pick Awards, which include smartphones, laptops, and drones. Tom’s Guide’s editors and writers examined hundreds of products at the tech expo as part of the selection process.

“CES 2016 saw some categories come of age, such as virtual reality and drones, and others see a resurgence, such as gaming PCs,” said Mark Spoonauer, editor in chief of Tom’s Guide.

Here are Tom’s Guide CES 2016 Top Pick Award Winners (product descriptions courtesy of Tom’s Guide):

* Virtual Reality Device: HTC Vive Pre – HTC Vive is an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display being developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. It is also part of Valve Corporation’s SteamVR project;
* PC: CyberPower Pro Streamer – the CyberPower Pro Streamer managed to cram two complete PCs into a single space-saving machine;
* Drone: Parrot Disco – Parrot’s upcoming Disco drone reaches top speeds of 50mph and can stay in the air for 45 minutes;
* TV: LG Signature G6 OLED TV – the LG Signature G6 series has it all: 4K resolution, support for high dynamic range protocols, a stand that doubles as a set of powerful speakers, and a glass mount that’s less than 3mm thick;
* Smartphone: Honor 5X – the Honor 5X from Huawei packs a 5,5-inch display, a fingerprint sensor, and a generously-sized battery into a solid metal body;
* Smart Home Device: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – this fridge has everything but the kitchen sink, and its 21.5-inch touchscreen is the centerpiece of its connected features;
* Car Tech: Faraday Future FF Zero 1 Concept Car – this prototype race car has aggressive styling and 1 000 horsepower coming out of its four electric engines;
* Health and Fitness Device: Mettis Trainer – these shoes can measure the pressure you’re applying to different parts of your feet, making them useful for a variety of sports;
* Gaming Hardware: SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse – this gaming mouse features swappable face plates, sensors, and cables, but it’s the tiny OLED screen on its side that sets it apart from the competition;
* Robot: Cutthroat Robotics ZoZbot – this saucer-shaped entertainment robot can play tabletop soccer or pool, chase your cat around the living room, or give your favorite action figure a ride around the house;
* Audio Device: Sennheiser 3D – Sennheiser has figured out how to bring audio up to snuff with the visual advancements taking place in VR. The company’s AMBEO 3D audio technology features 9.1 audio mixing that takes sound reproduction to the next level;
* Router: Portal – the Portal router from Ignition Labs proposes a solution to the congestion problems plaguing your WiFi network: open up more lanes to traffic;
* 3D Printer: da Vinci Mini – the $269 da Vinci Mini from XYZprinting makes 3D printing affordable enough for a home or classroom; and
* Camera: Nikon D5 – even though many people may balk at its $6,000 price, a look at the D5’s specs makes it feel like a bargain.

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