The launch of the innovative online cellular store Mondo offers the swiftest, safest and most hassle-free opportunity for buying of data, SIM-only contracts and handset deals in South Africa.

Set to replace standing in long queues and completing endless reams of paperwork, on Mondo the customer has access to the latest mobile phones, data contracts, upgrades and SIM-only contracts without the hassle of visiting a store but still with the benefit of talking to a consultant offering personalized service and advice. No banking details or other private information is entered online and the sale ends with free delivery to the customer’s home or place of work.

Mondo launched on 8 April 2013 with its hero product, the SIM-only contract offering customers’ massive savings in monthly cellular telephone bills. Revolutionizing cellular contract options Mondo’s,  SIM-only contracts simply mean the margin traditionally allocated to fund the mandatory handset in a conventional mobile phone contract is used to fund call costs instead, thereby saving the customer money each month.

SIM-only contracts have far-reaching consequences for a country like SA in which over 59 million people are reported to be mobile phone users. The SIM-only contract means families and friends are able to pass on handsets in which SIM-only contracts are used.

The Mondo online store is open during the week between 9am and 6pm, any afterhours shopping will result in a Mondo consultant phoning the customer the next day to offer any support and to complete the sale. Mondo is connected by Vodacom.

Visit www.buymondo.co.za or on your phone www.buymondo.co.za/mobi to learn more about SIM-only contracts and other deals.


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