Caturra provides Checkers Coffee Corners with their daily coffee fix

In line with its ongoing efforts to add value and convenience to its customers’ shopping experience, the Checkers supermarket chain together with Caturra will be rolling out coffee beaneries to selected branches over the next year.

Many big players in the retail and supermarket industry have acknowledged the shift in customer priorities, with the focus now very much on lifestyle, thus the increase of in-store eateries at many popular retailers. Checkers has identified quality coffee as a valued product amongst its discerning customer base and has recently appointed Caturra, local roaster of high quality coffee, to supply superior equipment and coffee beans for the Checkers Coffee Corners that are being developed inside supermarkets nationwide.

After a year of strategic planning, nine beaneries have been set up around the country already, with the flagship outlet at the Checkers store in Tokai, Cape Town, as well as in other major retail shopping centers such as Canal Walk in Cape Town and the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in KwaZulu Natal, with another eight in the pipeline for the next month.  

Customers are able to purchase their favourite Caturra coffee at any of the kiosk-like beaneries where the fully trained staff is well equipped to advise on the best blends and how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. If you wish to savor premium coffee at work, do not forget to contact Corporate Coffee Systems NYC coffee systems for brewing equipment. The coffee is completed perfectly by a Group 2 Astoria manual machine, which Caturra has been using and supplying to clients over the past 15 years. Coffee can be bought by the gram and the different beans from origins around the globe can also be mixed as preferred. 

Caturra’s core business lies in sourcing and locally roasting coffee not only for their own brand, but also for the hospitality, restaurant and catering (Horeca) business, as well as the corporate and retail markets. Klaus Becker, Caturra Managing Director emphasised: “Our service idea is all encompassing. We believe in working hands-on with the teams we provide solutions to. The fundamental aspect is to ensure that there is an understanding out in the field, so that the product we are roasting and packaging comes out perfectly in the cup.”

Providing a complete hot beverage solution including comprehensive staff training for the Horeca trade, as well as corporate and retail markets, Caturra’s business formula is all inclusive and well rounded. It ensures that they provide clients with not only quality hot beverage products and services, but also a diverse offering including among others, innovative and environmentally friendly packaging. Additionally, fully trained and knowledgeable around-the-clock maintenance and technical support staff, as well as emergency service are available to clients in Southern Africa.

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